Three ideas that guide my research...

“To do science is to search for repeated patterns...” - Robert H. MacArthur, 1972.


“Patterns can exist at various scales in time and space, ranging from population abundances, through communities, ecosystems, biomes and the entire biosphere.”  - John H. Lawton, 1996.


“The pool of diversity is a challenge to basic science and a vast reservoir of genetic information.” - Edward O. Wilson, 1985.


About me

As an ecologist-biogeographer, I am interested in causes and consequences of biodiversity variation and environmental change. My research addressess on both aquatic and terrestrial systems, focusing on the drainage basin as the main organizational level, wherein biological, geographical and environmental phenomena are acting and should be considered in sustainable management, monitoring, restoration and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.














I am currently working as a Senior Research Scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute's Freshwater Centre, and act as an associate editor for Ecography, Journal of Biogeography and Journal of Applied Ecology. My research goal is to help understanding, conserving and saving diverse biotas and healthy ecosystems in a changing world.

Keywords: abundance, assembly rules, biodiversity loss, biogeography, biostatistics, biotic homogenization, catchments, community ecology, conservation, distribution, ecological networks, ecosystem functions, ecosystem services, environmental change, lakes, macroecology, macrosystems, metacommunity, niche, phylogeny, rarity, spatial analysis, species diversity, streams, traits.

Based in Oulu, I collaborate extensively with researchers from across the world. Have a look at the map here, where some of my collaborators' laboratories are located.


Contact Information

Dr. Jani Heino

Finnish Environment Institute, Freshwater Centre, Paavo Havaksen Tie 3, FI-90570 Oulu, Finland

E-mail: jani.heino@environment.fi OR jani.heino.eco@gmail.com

​Phone: +358 295 251 157